Donald Pennington
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February 24, 2009

Alex Jones, evangelist of Freedom, is one of the most important public figures in America today. Let me just say that first. I’ve been a listener of his for a couple of years now. Even though the mainstream media, and our current oligarchy, wish that folks like him would just go away
he’s growing more and more in popularity daily.

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In my journey thus far through life, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever been given, is that some of your best friends don’t always tell you what you wanted to hear. Sometimes folks trying to show you the highest amount of “agape” are the ones who tell you that which breaks your heart the worst.

Some have said that Alex Jones is a trouble-maker, a madman, and even deluded. These kinds of things are always said about true patriots…at first.

I say that Alex Jones is a good man, who’s had the courage to take on an unpopular topic of discussion, our uniquely American Freedoms. He does so eloquently and elegantly I might add.

I would say that, even though he might not realize it, Alex Jones is a friend of mine. He’s a friend to us all. If Alex Jones were able to see all of the people, side-by-side that he’s done good for, the line to his left and his right would extend beyond his vision.

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