Numerous Internet users are reporting that audio from comedy channel Super Deluxe’s viral Youtube video “Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song” has suddenly become out of sync.

Multiple Youtube users began commenting on Super Deluxe’s video, which has garnered 1.7 million views in two weeks, after noticing the unexplained issue.


The video appears to work fine on some browsers, but fails to sync mainly on mobile phones and Apple’s Safari browser.

In addition to audio sync issues, other Youtubers are reporting their video likes being removed – some multiple times!

Infowars reached out to Super Deluxe to see if the company was aware of the issue, but did not receive a reply as of publication.

Despite the bizarre disruption, the popular internet meme has continued to result in numerous song covers and the launch of Infowars’ $20,000 Folk Song Cover Contest.

Those wishing to still enter have until the end of the Alex Jones Show at 3PM CST on Friday August 4th before Infowars will begin choosing winners. Click here to review contest rules, view submissions and learn the lyrics to the song.

Here are the latest entries:

Dusty Townsend

John Mark Atwood / JohnnyFreeze

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