Despite declaring a global health emergency, the World Health Organization has ordered countries not to engage in “stigma” or “discrimination” in their handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

In their official statement declaring the emergency, the WHO stressed that they are not recommending “any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available.”

This despite the fact that numerous countries have closed their borders with China and pilots and flight attendants in America are demanding an immediate halt to all flights out of China.

Instead, the WHO appears to rank the threat posed by profiling above that of preventing a pandemic.

“Countries are cautioned against actions that promote stigma or discrimination, in line with the principles of Article 3 of the IHR,” said the organization in a statement.

At the end of their statement, the WHO again insisted that maintaining the “international traffic” of people was essential and should not be interfered with.

“Under Article 43 of the IHR, States Parties implementing additional health measures that significantly interfere with international traffic (refusal of entry or departure of international travellers, baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods, and the like, or their delay, for more than 24 hours) are obliged to send to WHO the public health rationale and justification within 48 hours of their implementation. WHO will review the justification and may request countries to reconsider their measures,” said the statement.

This is yet another example of how the mass movement of people is more important to globalist authorities than stopping a potential global pandemic.

If travel from China had been shut down earlier, the virus would not now be in at least 23 different countries.

As we highlighted yesterday, if nothing is done to successfully contain the virus, at current projections it could infect over 100 million people before the end of next month.

That would equate to millions of deaths, which apparently is not as worrying as the potential that some people who may or may not be infected with coronavirus might feel stigmatized or discriminated against.


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