Guns are exploding in popularity.

Despite the millions spent by anti-gun advocates to promote gun control, more and more Americans are now embracing their gun rights.

For one thing, many sheriffs in states that recently passed gun control laws have publicly announced they won’t enforce these unconstitutional laws.

Even the anti-gun governors of New York, Connecticut and Maryland are reluctant to suuport the very gun control laws they signed after facing intense backlash from voters.

“It seems they don’t want a political backlash,” Frank Miniter wrote for Forbes. “They don’t want journalists making martyrs out of otherwise law-abiding citizens who might be charged with felonies for doing what they’ve done all their lives.”

“This is where politics runs into reality.”

And not only is the public putting pressure on politicians but they are also outright refusing to obey gun control laws. Earlier this year, thousands of Connecticut gun owners refused to register their firearms and magazines to comply with a new gun control law.

Polls Reveal Immense Support for Second Amendment

Support for the Second Amendment is now at a 20 year high, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. A PBS poll also found that Americans overwhelmingly favor gun rights over restrictions.

Additionally, a 2013 survey of police officers by the National Association of Chiefs of Police discovered that 86.8% believe “any law-abiding citizen [should] be able to purchase a firearm for sport and self-defense.”

And a survey of 15,000 police officers found that 90% believe that active shooter incidents would be less deadly if armed citizens were present.

“Breaking down the results, it’s important to note that 70 percent of respondents are field-level law enforcers — those who are face-to-face in the fight against violent crime on a daily basis — not office-bound, non-sworn administrators or perpetually-campaigning elected officials,” Doug Wyllie of wrote.

Gun Sales Soar

Gun sales exploded on Black Friday, with background checks surging over three times the daily average.

“Friday saw the highest number of background checks ever for a Black Friday, and second in history,” CNN reported. “The highest day on record was December 21, 2012, with more than 177,000 background checks.”

Overall, firearm sales have been increasing rapidly since 2010.

“All told, Americans appear to be buying guns at a much stronger pace than only a few years ago,” the NRA-ILA reported. “To paraphrase Mark Twain, gun control supporters’ rumors about the demise of gun ownership are greatly exaggerated.”

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