The 15-year-old son of Infowars proprietor Alex Jones has taken to Twitter to underscore his request for a debate against anti-gun activist David Hogg.

In a series of tweets released Friday, Rex Jones blasted the 17-year-old Parkland shooting student activist who’s become the leader of the Never Again anti-gun movement.

Using the official @RealAlexJones Twitter account, Rex let Hogg know Orwellian attempts to censor free speech amount to an attack on the First Amendment.

“Hi David, this is Rex Jones. You challenged my dad to a debate and then backed down. I’m sure you’ve seen my video (linked below) where I point out how you are being used by the MSM as a tool to take our freedoms.”

“You’re a public figure who has viciously attacked my father and others for nothing more than criticizing you. You and your CNN buddies are currently trying to take our YouTube channel down. Why are you so against free speech?”

Rex also pointed out Hogg is being used as a tool by the mainstream media to regurgitate Democrat anti-free speech talking points.

“Hogg, now you and the Democratic party organizations you work for are trying to bully Laura Ingraham off the air. In truth Mr. Hogg, you’re becoming not only an anti-Second Amendment activist but an anti-free speech activist, as well.”

Ingraham, a host on Fox News, apologized Thursday for pointing out Hogg was rejected from several colleges on Twitter.

On Thursday, Rex issued a public call for Hogg to debate him regarding gun rights, after Hogg asked to appear on the Alex Jones Show, but later rescinded the offer.

“I’m 15 years old, Mr. Hogg, and I don’t need talking points or a little teleprompter behind my CNN interview screen to get my point across. I’m backed up by statistics and facts. You are backed up by falsities and lies, Mr. Hogg,” Rex tells Hogg.

“I, Rex Jones, would like to publicly challenge you to debate me. Name a time, name the place, name the venue. I will do it.”

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