How do you explain it when a whole town can’t seem to stop dozing off?

For years, that’s what’s been happening without explanation in Kalachi, a village in north-central Kazakhstan that’s affectionately referred to as “Sleepy Hollow” – and lately it’s only been getting progressively worse.

The problem is so bad that Kazakh authorities have begun moving families out of the village and have plans to relocate some 40 families by the end of January, according to the Moscow Times.

But a team of scientists thinks it may be closer to getting to the root of the sleeping sickness, which gives its victims everything from dizzy spells to hallucinations.

Measurements taken from the homes of people who have been stricken with the sleeping sickness have revealed very high concentrations of carbon monoxide in the air — about 10 times than what is allowable in Kazakhstan — according to remarks that Sergei Lukashenko, director of the country’s National Nuclear Center’s Radiation Safety and Ecology Institute, made to Russian news service Interfax on Tuesday.

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