Greg Hunter
August 15, 2011

Watching the Sunday talk shows and looking at the reporting from this weekend’s Republican straw poll, you would not think that Congressman Ron Paul even participated in the event. Paul came in a very close second to Representative Michele Bachmann in a field of Presidential Candidates. Bachmann received 4,823 votes; Paul received 4,671 votes, which represents a margin of just 152 votes. To me, it appears to be a statistical dead heat, especially when you consider the next closest competitor, Governor Tim Pawlenty, received only 2,293 votes. Pawlenty’s distant third place finish effectively blew him out of the race.

On “FOX News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace ignored the virtual tie in the straw poll and said, “There’s a top tier now of Bachmann and Perry and Romney, and we haven’t mentioned, and we should, Rick Santorum who really did surprisingly well for the amount of money and resources he had.” To that I say “WHAT!?” Santorum came in fourth with only 1,657 votes, about 1/3 of what Paul received. Santorum came in behind a guy that dropped out because he didn’t get enough votes to be a viable Republican candidate, and Wallace mentions Santorum and not Paul who was in a virtual tie with the winner? Chris Wallace is not an amateur; he left out Congressman Paul on purpose. Why, I do not know, but this is too stupid to be stupid.

Maybe Wallace does not like Ron Paul’s stance on the Federal Reserve. It was revealed recently in a Government Accounting Office report (inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders) that the Fed spent $16 trillion bailing out the world. According to Congressman Paul, about a third of the money went to foreign banks. Do you think we could create some jobs by loaning some of that money to private business in America? Where is the Republican field on this issue? Is the field silent on this monster rip-off because the bankers fund both parties?

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