Trump is riding high in the polls. But this is not an indication he will remain there or receive the Republican nomination.

However, when compared to all of the other candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Trump is the best candidate.

Why? Because a Trump presidency will bring gridlock to the state.

Mark Capra, writing for Mofo, notes a number of truisms about government based in part on the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson.

Capra bullet points:

  • The less a President does, the better.
  • The more Congress is gridlocked, the better.
  • The fewer lobbyist-written laws are passed by corrupt Washington politicians, the safer our liberty.

Capra notes that all the candidates — unfortunately including Rand Paul — plan to steamroll legislation through Congress.

“More troubling, every major candidate (if not now, then by the general election) are funded by the same incestuous group of transnational conglomerates,’ he writes.

Thus Trump, with his “divisiveness, high unfavorability ratings, and unrealistic policy proposals” is the best we can hope for “in the age of statism and the low-information voter.”

Trump: A Dangerous Authoritarian

Former Congressman Ron Paul — the only truly libertarian candidate to have run for president — disagrees.

While Paul admits Trump’s presence in the election is highly disruptive of the establishment’s dog and pony show that invariably selects statists who faithfully carry out the agenda of the elite, he notices an authoritarian streak in the man.

“I think he’s is a dangerous person,” Paul said last month. “And a lot of people find him sort of funny, and love him, even Libertarian types. They like him because he’s so disruptive to the party system, and I enjoy that too.”

Paul worries that if Trump makes it to the White House and the economic house of cards collapses, he will become a ruthless dictator.

“He’s an authoritarian and that’s the way he claims he made all his money. So I see that as dangerous,” Paul said.

The American Voter Will Always Vote for Establishment Candidates

Trump plans to spend a billion dollars on his campaign, but this will not ensure he will win. Well before the election the American voter will reject Trump and the other outsider, Bernie Sanders.

“Trump is not going to be president. Bernie Sanders is also not going to be president,” writes Megan McArdle for The Chicago Tribune. “Their appeal to their supporters is precisely the reason they are not going to be president. Every few years, a large number of Americans need to learn the same lesson: The reason you don’t hear the solutions that you want coming from the boring, scripted, mainstream politicians who get elected is that the solutions that you want do not appeal to the majority of your fellow countrymen.”

In other words, while many of us enjoy the fireworks of a Trump campaign and revel in the anger and frustration of the party elite in response to it, come November, 2016 most of us will vote for whatever candidate the Democrats and Republicans nominate.

The Ruling Elite Control the Political Process

A book written by four political science professors, led by Marty Cohen of James Madison University and David Karol of the University of Maryland, explains how the election process actually works.

Toure, writing for Vice, summarizes The Party Decides: Presidential Nominations Before and After Reform, penned in 2008:

The book debunks the notion that the presidential nomination process is some Hollywood romance, where a Richard Gere–style candidate magically seduces his party’s voters, who are the Julia Roberts of this scenario. In reality, it is the Party Elites who choose the presidential nominee, shaping the menu in a way that leads the rank-and-file to vote for their selection. You don’t think that Washington elites and the cream of the donor classes reached their lofty status only to leave it to the masses to make the most important decision a party can make—choosing their presidential nominee?

Enjoy the disruptive antics of Donald Trump and the blue sky bromides of the socialist Bernie Sanders while they last. Neither candidate will make it out of the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses come February, 2016. The caucuses are events controlled by the establishment parties and more or less determined by rigged straw polls. Recall how the Diebold machines were rigged against Ron Paul in Iowa.

Donald Trump will be but a faint whisper in July of 2016 in Cleveland when the Republicans hold their convention and the Sanderites will be tamed and corralled the following week in Philadelphia at the Democratic national convention. The party elite will guarantee it.

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