The world that we live in is nothing like the world that our parents lived in. Back in the pre-globalization era, of roughly 1940-1990, it was completely feasible to expect a corporation to pay your salary and help ease you into retirement.

Back in this “golden era,” corporations actually looked out for their employees. Through various financial means, such as the Roth 401k or a conventional pension, employers could expect to be getting a reliable deposit bi-monthly in order to help them sustain their standard of living all throughout their retirement years.

It also used to be that a college degree was something to aspire to; something that guaranteed you a well-paying job, that would allow you to support a family of four with just a single college graduate’s income. This is obviously no longer the case.

Now, in 2016, the rate of unemployment for college graduates is officially 7%, but we all know the games that the economists play.

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