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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Former Senator Gary Hart seems to be having difficulties remembering his last lie because he fouled up again in his latest confrontation with We Are Change by reversing his assertion that he never used the term "new world order," contradicting his previous falsehood, but still seemed fearful of discussing exactly what the term meant.

In the clip, Luke Rudkowski quotes Hart’s response to 9/11 at a September 12th Council on Foreign Relations in which he called for the disaster to be used to "make lemonade out of lemons" and create a "new world order".

Hart lies by claiming the term was only used to highlight right-wing hostility to the phrase "new world order" which is completely false as you will see later and he also contradicts his previous response to the question in which he claimed to have never used the phrase "new world order" in his life.

Seemingly wary of the fact that a lot of people know exactly what "new world order" means now (global government, loss of sovereignty and individual liberty), Hart is frightened of admitting to using the phrase and refuses to discuss its meaning.

Hart’s exact response to We Are Change Colorado’s assertion that Hart said shortly after 9/11 the attacks could be used to bring about a "new world order" was as follows.

"I did not – I’ve never used that phrase in my life so you’ve got some bad information," after which he claimed that George H.W. Bush used the term only once, despite the fact that Bush used it profusely during his term in office (here are several examples).

Let’s go back to September 12th, 2001 and remind ourselves exactly of what Hart said during a CFR meeting.

"There is a chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out what his father, a phrase his father used think only once and hasn’t been used since, and that is a "new world order".

The clear context of this quote is Hart expressing his desire to see the 9/11 attacks used as a pretext to create a "new world order," and has no relation to the context in which Hart claimed he used the phrase.

Later in the question and answer session, Hart also initially denies that he wrote a letter to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warning of the possibility of a staged false flag event similar to the Gulf of Tonkin that would be used to justify a military attack, but later claims it was just a "mock letter".

Hart qualifies the letter by stating it was a warning that the Neo-Cons could stage an incident to precipitate a bombing campaign.

"What I was tongue-in-cheek saying was that we have an administration in Washington that is dying for a reason to bomb Iran and so in a mock blog letter….I just said unless you people wanna be bombed you better be careful about cross-border incursions and I think I explicitly said keep the Revolutionary Guard away from the Iraqi border," said Hart.

"I was trying to communicate to the American people what our own government was trying to plan and that was to find a reason for bombing Iran – I was simply saying to the American people through this mock letter – be very careful about this administration creating a U.S.S. Maine incident or a Gulf of Tonkin incident that would justify bombing Iran," he concluded.

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