JT Coyoté
July 10, 2010

Why is the President ignoring the Constitution and the outcry of the people to control the southern border? Why has he allied himself with Mexican President Felipe Calderon against Arizona’s legislative action to hopefully stop the invasion? It makes little sense until you understand his intent is to ram historically unpopular amnesty legislation through Congress. Obama told Arizona Senator John Kyl privately: “If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform,” blanket amnesty.

Outraged, Kyl  characterized the President’s position on the border situation as “holding hostage” to push his amnesty package. All in spite of popular anti-amnesty sentiment, increased border violence, threats against border county Sheriffs and other law enforcement, resulting in the closing of state parks and border areas considered too dangerous for Americans to enter. So what’s going on, why this unconstitutonal federal stance and violation of  Arizona’s 9th, 10th, and 11th Amendment sovereignty?

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Here’s a little background.  On March 23, 2005, while everyone was riveted to the tube over the euthanizing of Terry Shaivo, there was a secret meeting taking place in Waco Texas.  It concerned an extenuation of the NAFTA agreement, called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America or SPP.  At this foundation meeting were signatories President’s George W. Bush, Vincent Fox, and PM Paul Martin of Canada.  Their signatures on this agreement began the systematic dismantling of the United States of America, and it continues under Barack Obama, Felipe Calderon, and Stephan Harper.  Did you vote for or even know about this?

“This globalist partnership– pursued “in stealth,” without the knowledge or consent of the American, Canadian or Mexican peoples– is indeed a treasonous collaboration with foreign powers, and very much in the spirit of that which the11th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, is intended to prevent and punish.”

Social costs of illegal immigrants is often the focus of unrest over the unsecured border, yet the increasingly violent Mexican drug gangs pose the greatest threat. Even the Mexican government is rumored to be under drug cartel control. Unspeakable violence is now rampant, not only on the Mexican side of the border, but on the U.S. side as well. This alone is reason to take border security very seriously. Yet President Obama and his administration refuse to do what is necessary and constitutional.

A recent Bloomberg report revealed that major U.S. banks have knowingly financed Mexican drug cartels and facilitated money laundering without taking any action to stop it. And then there are revelations, even open admissions that U.S. troops in Afghanistan are not a eradicating opium crops, but growing, gardening, and “tolerating” them. Drugs from these crops are being shipped into the United States with little being done to stop their flow. This points to the sad fact that those in power in the United States, including the CIA, have driven the drug trade, not slowed or stopped it.

And the Drug War continues, as it preys upon the American people, searching, and surveilling, them,  imprisoning and punishing users of these “tolerated” drugs. Through tax funds the prison industrial complex profits from drug users, doing nothing to end Wall Street money laundering or cross-border smuggling operations.

It was recently announced in New York that National Guard will patrol American neighborhoods for the purpose of drug interdiction. Not only is the use of military to police the American People a violation of Posse Comitatus, but it is a symbol of the ultimate hypocrisy and treason that has been committed by America’s globalist leaders for many decades now.

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