Just as presidential candidate Donald Trump has declared his intention to make Mexico pay for a wall across the US-Mexico border, Mexican authorities have gone ahead and added their own border security measures – and this time, the fugitives they’re looking for are American, officials said.

Late on Wednesday, pedestrians making the San Ysidro crossing from San Diego to Tijuana were the first to experience the new checks. Travelers are separated into two lines: one for Mexicans, who are allowed to pass through unchecked, and another for foreigners, who must show their passports and submit entry forms to agents waiting at inspection booths. Those intending to stay longer than a week are also now required to pay a fee of about $20.

The process is similar to what you’d expect at any international airport, but this new distinction – announced by the opening of a $6.9 million facility – “represents a new way of doing business at the border for Mexico, as the federal government seeks control of who comes into the country,” reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Beforehand, visitors had “generally entered Mexico unencumbered along the 1,954-mile border,” reported The Associated Press.

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