Roxy Jahangeri, 25, left, and Katie Iobst, 25,  hang out at the swimming pool on the 13th Floor of The Meridian at Gallery Place.
Millennials have been heralded as the uniquely diverse, highly educated, politically independent social media marvels. But a new poll finds many of them would also just like a good job at an established business with some vacation time.

The survey conducted by the Harvard University’s Institute of Politics in collaboration with the Washington Post also shows Americans ages 18 to 29 are less-than-impressed with technological wonders and business giants today, divided on the virtue of government regulations and just as worried about their digital data being swallowed by tech companies as the federal government.

Perhaps most striking, only about one-third of Americans ages 18 to 29 say starting their own businesses is “one of the most important” or “very important” in their work life. Far more, 53 percent, say simply having a stable job is a very important goal, even if it is less exciting. And still more say achieving success in a high-paying career is important or having a job that benefits society is important to them. Having enough time to spend with family and friends tops the list of qualities with 85 percent saying it is very important.

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