Jay’s Analysis
October 28, 2010

Rand Paul, as many are aware, has become somewhat of a media star of late, with the majority of the mainstream attention focused on anything but the issues. We have heard ad nauseam about “Aqua Buddha,” that Dr. Paul kidnapped women in college, forcing them to smoke pot, he is a “racist,” that he is for drugging children and forcing “everyone” to pay a $2000 dollar Medicare deductible. This is all you will hear from the mainstream media, and guess what—none of it is true.


The “anonymous source” for the Aqua Buddha fiasco has retracted her story, but the mainstream outlets have not reported this. In fact, there was no kidnapping, and the “secret society” is a joke. When Dr. Paul was on Rachel Maddow’s show, what he responded “yes” to was whether he could hear the audio feed, not “yes” to repealing all civil rights laws. But that is not how the media has spun the incident—it’s far juicier to say he wants to appeal all civil rights.

Ironically, it is not Dr. Paul who wants to see all children “drugged,” as his opponent Jack Conway has implied, but rather Dr. Paul supports decriminalization of drugs solely for the purpose of decreasing out massive prison population. The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world, and most are there for non-violent offenses. To reduce the massive prison complex would cut taxes, as well as create new jobs (since inmates are cheap labor). In fact, as has just recently surfaced, according to the Louisville Courier Journal’s article of October 23rd “LMPD Probes Detectives Who Tipped Off Prosecutor Under Investigation,” it is now Jack Conway and his brother who are embroiled in a possible absconding of a drug investigation. So it appears that in terms of drugs, Conway has more to explain that Rand. In regards to the Medicare, what Rand actually said was that seniors over a certain age might have to pay a deductible if we want to continue the system, since it is not working.

Now that we have cleared away the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream liberal establishment, it’s crucial to consider that students might be tempted to think Dr. Paul is just a mainline neo-conservative. This is also not true. Dr. Paul, like his extremely popular father, Dr. Ron Paul, has as his main agenda balancing the budget and the private Federal Reserve banking system.  The Federal Reserve is a private institution that prints fiat money and controls our monetary system, as well as our government.

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It is Conway who supported banker bailouts and cap and trade—two massively unpopular and now exposed scams that the Pauls both opposed.  What has propped up this system? The answer is career politicians who have no term limits. Term limits is the other key platform of Dr. Paul, and Rand has pledged to work towards this goal. The other proof of Rand Paul’s unique perspective, and that he is not a mainline Republican is that he has been opposed by Dick Cheney and Trey Grayson—two key neo-con figures.

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President Barack Obama has reached new lows in terms of presidential approval ratings for the amount of time he has been in office. Jack Conway represents a continuation of the highly unpopular Obamacare and bailout policies of the mainline left. However, what we find is that it is the Pauls who are the true populists, and who are committed to addressing and fixing the central issue that is the means to the end of our republic—that of the debt-based, inflationary system known as the Federal Reserve. Conway has no such plans. Dr. Rand Paul is a physician, and not a career politician. I would urge students to examine the issue, looking past the hype and media gossip and examine the issues. In so doing, I trust intelligent students will see that Rand Paul is the only choice that makes sense for our future, as opposed to establishment status quo Obamanomics.

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