Kurt Nimmo
January 3, 2011

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will follow and defend the Constitution. The other guys only say they will.

Mitt Romney is a pale reflection of Obama. Newt Gingrich is a faded neocon who supports the globalist agenda. Michele Bachmann is a former IRS enforcer who heads up the sabotaged formerly libertarian Tea Party. Rick Santorum is a consummate insider who will attack Iran.

Ron Paul will end the Federal Reserve and restore sound money. He will reduce the size and power of a leviathan federal government. He will end the neocon wars and bring the troops home.

That’s why the establishment media continues to trash him and neocons unleash vicious fusillades as they desperately thrash about and try to maintain their wars on invented Muslim enemies.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate. All the others spell doom for America.

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