Republican darling Ben Shapiro’s Wednesday tweet begging Kanye West not to do an Infowars interview was symbolic of the establishment’s goal to keep minds locked down.

But why are thought police so desperate to stop this influential black activist from speaking to Alex Jones?

Here’s why the Left and Never Trumpers don’t want Kanye to help others escape their mental prison.

Infowars is the #1 platform for exposing lies

The power structure knows Alex Jones isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Jones calls it how he sees it and tells it like it is. Nobody tells him what to say, and no one tells his guests what to say.

Every day Infowars is on the forefront of defending the Constitution and exposing government corruption, mainstream media disinformation, the New World Order, false flags and crony capitalism.

Infowars is a grassroots platform

We don’t take money from giant corporations. No one lobbies us to spew their talking points. The Infowars audience is who keeps us afloat.

Our audience is dedicated and far-reaching. We rely on them for our livelihood and support. Day after day we reach millions, and without them we wouldn’t exist.

Unlike mainstream media which takes federal grants and pharmaceutical kickbacks, we honor patriots and small businesses.

Infowars hosts a diverse array of guests

Though many of our guests are already successful, Alex Jones has helped expose them to a wider, more politically diverse audience.

We also value open debate and are willing to challenge controversial people, including David Duke, Louis Farrakhan and David Mayer de Rothschild.

Infowars also provides a platform to numerous internet trailblazers, including Candace Owens, Scott Adams and Milo Yiannopoulos.

The effect is mass numbers are turned on to interesting new perspectives, viewpoints and outlooks.

Kanye interview could accelerate culture shift

The power structure is terrified Kanye’s interview could cause a cultural rift.

As Scott Adams explained Wednesday, Democrats are determined to keep the black vote within their “plantation.”

Mainstream entities including Dr. Phil, People Magazine, and CNN’s Brian Stelter claim Kanye has mental issues for daring to speak his mind.

His statements to TMZ are being misrepresented to turn blacks against him.

The thought police recognize Kanye speaking out against Democrat hypocrisy represents a threat that must be silenced at any cost.

Home to anti-establishment heavy hitters

President Trump, Ron and Rand Paul aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and they’ve all appeared on Infowars because they know freedom of speech is absolute here.

In 2015 free thinker Matt Drudge, the notoriously reclusive founder of the largest independent news site in the world, chose Infowars out of hundreds of news outlets for a viral interview because of our reputation as unfiltered truth-tellers. The interview dominated headlines around the globe.

Trump himself, whom Kanye has great admiration for, has even told Alex Jones he has “an amazing reputation.”

While Kanye already has a vast following of millions, an Infowars interview would amplify his message and undoubtedly represent a rejection of the status quo and its attempt to control the cultural narrative.

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