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September 2, 2010

In the past few weeks, amidst the consequences of the of the Gulf Coast oil catastrophe, the storming and murder of unarmed aid activists in the aid flotilla by Israeli commandos, and the continuing financial crises that have mounted from sub-primes to a full fledged sovereign debt crisis that’s wiping out countries, an innocuous religious center has taken the attention of the country away in a manner reminiscent of the worst of the McCarthy era. The outright demagoguery, vilifying, and demonization has taken to the airwaves, television, and the Internet in a manner which no longer alarms the astute, but demolishes the foundation of what makes us Americans via a new, publicly visible referendum.

I’m not going to address the constitutionality 1 of the New York City (NYC) Sufi Islamic community center, nor am I going to rebuff the demagogues with the facts2 pertaining to the Sufi3 Muslims, Sufi Imam Rauf4, or about the positive contribution of this community to NYC and our country5 before the well known islamaphobe and incendiary Pamela Geller7 turned a community center with a pool, basketball court, and culinary center,6 into a divisive political football. The reason why is because so many other brilliant, intelligent, well read and researched writers have already written about this. In addition, in a willfully ignorant populace that distinguishes between Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Christian Scientist, Mormon and Jehovah’s witness as different, yet in a hypocritical double standard, refuses to acknowledge that Islam, just like Christianity, is composed of vastly differing sects with the same breadth and scope in variety of views, like Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Ahmadiyya, Wahabbist and Salafi, among others, it makes no sense to beleager this point on those who choose ignorance. Besides, other’s are doing a better job of this than I can.

I am going to expose the brilliant tactics that the Neo-con co-opted republican and Tea Party, which I’ll refer to as Neo-cons 2.0, is employing to avenge their policy defeat in the presidential elections of 2008, highlight their opportunism to enforce a neo-fascist agenda, and reveal their primary goal: the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights via public referendum displays, because those two documents block their efforts to create a fascist state to advance their Project for a New American Century, the Pax America Imperium.

By now, the politically astute recognize that the Neo-cons chose the Constitution as its target for destruction, because a democratic republic is at odds with a worldwide military Imperium.8 A public assault on the first amendment on the freedom of speech and religious expression via the issue of the Sufi community center in NYC creates a visible public referendum on the first amendment. This is the danger of this issue. Along those lines, proposed mosques and Islamic community centers all across the country, none of whom have any connection, at all, to terrorism, or even the Wahabbist sect9, a sect which is the primary source for extremism, are under fire, attack, terrorism, and harassment as in the case of the recent bombing of a Florida mosque, while the mainstream media silence presents their overt stance and, I might add, collusion with the Neo-con agenda. 10, 11

In addition, the Arizona racial profiling law, and the efforts by multiple states across the country12 to put these exact same laws into practice, is an attack against amendments four and fourteen regarding search without a warrant, and breach of civil rights. And finally there’s the attack on the fourteenth amendment, against a native born American’s right to citizenship. 13

It’s a cultural war with military, civil, and worldwide implications, and at its core, it’s a nationalist, fascist, trotskyite war against the foundations of America. It’s nationalism only for those who fit in the definition of what an elite, fluidly changing, biased group describes as “American.” It’s a Trotskyite war, for a revolution against the Constitution, and for forced revolution against all peoples worldwide, via the generous use of military power and coercion, where the ends justifies the means, to force American “values” at the point of a gun, but mostly to maintain and extend American corporate interests.8

In short, the return of the Neo-con faction is in an all out assault against the foundations of our country, the two things which make the United States of America unique in the world, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These two documents are all that separates us from every other two bit nation in the world. This is what makes us Americans, and it’s under attack, not just by the Neo-cons, senators and representatives of the right wing, but by an unruly, functionally illiterate, and emotionally unstable mob that won’t stop to think and reason.

It’s strategically brilliant when you think about it. We’re at a massive collision in history of several extraordinary crises, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. First we’re going through the throes of a non-weaponized apocalypse, the largest financial collapse in history, which was laid out by disastrous policies stemming from the Federal Reserve and executed by the administrations, starting from the Reagan era up until the end of the George W. Bush administration.

It’s shuttered factories, banks, businesses, and homes, which is the same effect as a massive bombing campaign all across the country. Unemployment, officially stated at 9%, is actually as high as 20%14, due to the flawed births/deaths model used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We’ve got two wars raging, both of whom will supplant the Vietnam War as the longest running war in American history, and they’ve drained our country of the blood, lives, and youth of our service men and women, and the economy of our country to the tune of one trillion dollars in direct costs. That’s not including indirect costs of private contractors, extraneous hardware, and the massive intelligence apparatus which spies on Americans, our very own, in George Orwell’s words, Ministry of Truth.15

We now have an environmental catastrophe, the worst in our hemisphere’s history, where the wreckage of the Gulf State’s economies, peoples, health’s, and livelihoods isn’t reported in the mainstream. All of this stems from the last twenty five years of disastrous foreign, monetary, financial, and environmental policy. We as a people, as a result of this, are fatigued, unemployed or underemployed, insecure, and agitated. The Neo-cons smell a ripe opportunity, and they’ve taken full advantage for a full assault on our Constitutional Republic, in order to reinstate their plans. With the upcoming elections of November 2010 coming up, the Neo-cons have their pivot.

The use of the Sufi community center as a political football to divide and conquer the American people through the fundamentalists, Christians and Muslim, both political parties, and drag the moderates and centrists into the fray, plays directly into the hands of the Neo-cons, who have their strings on these puppets.

There is no doubting the Neo-con hand in all of this.17,18 The Tea Party, despite it’s mantra of smaller government and lower taxes, cannot seem to resolve the paradox of their movement. How can a country have smaller government and lower taxes, and yet maintain a massive military engaged in multiple, costly foreign wars? No government in history has ever achieved this, and we can’t, and won’t achieve it. 16

Yet the Tea Party movement supports more wars,19, 20 and with Russia loading the nuclear fuel rods into Iran’s reactor,21 the war drums to bomb Iran echo from the Tea Party corner of Palin, Bolton, Cheney, McCain et al.22, 23 Thankfully, Iran has several strategic boons going for them: their strategic location at the straits of Hormuz, where 40% of the world’s oil travels through en-route to the USA and Asia, an alert and well armed military, and it’s observer status in the SCO (Shanghai
Cooperative Organization)24 which provides deepening military and economic ties with China and Russia 25 as well as much of Central Asia, and Brazil 26 , gives the Israeli and American chicken hawk faction pause to even think about making a bombing run.27 So, Iran can wait.28 Instead of a massive drum beat to bomb Iran, there’s the massive drum beat to bomb the Constitution.

Rarely does a political football appear that can be handily used and leveraged for so many goals at once. The proposed community center, which is still in fund-raising mode and hasn’t even started in construction, nor will it start soon, sets up so many convenient objectives for the Neo-con faction.

It demonizes and lowers an entire group of people, all 1.5 billion of them, into sub-human status, making their collective slaughter in our wars and proxy conflicts easier to stomach. It transforms an American religious minority into a pivot with which to distract the angry, scapegoating, hordes, while the news about corruption and the collapse of our financial and economic system, the whole sale environmental destruction of the Gulf Coast, and via the Gulf Stream Current, the Eastern seaboard, goes unabated, and un-noticed. 29

The protests against the Sufi community center doesn’t stop in NYC. From coast to coast, in California, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, to name a few, mosques or proposed mosques are targeted.10 This in combination with the illegal immigration issue, which creates a public mob referendum on the fourteenth and the fourth, opens the way for more efforts to destroy the Constitution. It doesn’t help that our woeful educational system 30 has produced a Nation ignorant of our country’s foundations in this matter either. Without a doubt, in this country, if you’re brown, you’re going down. I’d add that the black, yellow, red, and gay are coming up fast in the hit-list. The racial, religious, and cultural assault against the “Other”, the
American citizens who differ in skin, ethnic, or religious views from the elite’s designated ideal, has begun.

Mussolini said it best, when he said that fascism, is essentially the merger of state and corporate power.31 The recent Supreme Court’s strange decision to consider a Corporation, which is a set of paper documents in a legal file somewhere in Nevada, Delaware, or the Bahamas, to be the equivalent of an individual, and their defense of corporate campaign contributions as free speech transformed our government into a fascist government.32 The public display and use of religious and racial minorities as referendums to transform the cultural and political foundations of our nation to one more on par with a nationalistic, fascist country, and the establishment of a worldwide group of people as a permanent enemy, maintains the political reasons and relevance of the Neo-con agenda.

This is a ripe time for the political opportunist in the Neo-con faction. The election of President Obama, at first, seemed to repudiate the Neo-con agenda and faction, just when they were ascending to greater heights in power, mayhem, control, and profit around the world. Obama’s speech to the Muslim world appeared to begin undoing the decades long effort to turn Islam into a permanent, long term, and dependable enemy.33 But in a maelstrom of crises, just when the American public couldn’t seem to take any more, the formerly defeated Neo-cons found an easy target and ploy to use. Does all of this seem familiar? Does this pattern seem like it happened ninety years ago, when a vile, German party came to dominate a nation, and quickly engaged in some of the most hideous acts against humanity? Yup, it’s the same thing, it’s just like a page out of the play-book of the National Socialist Party, the Nazi’s. Make no mistake about it. That’s exactly what it is.

Welcome to Neo-Con 2.0, the Emperors Strike Back.

It seems that hope, indeed, is audaciously naive at best, and recklessly ignorant at worst.

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Despite this sobering scenario, there is a problem for the Neo-con plan. The world isn’t just the United States of America. And the world’s peoples, the billions from the BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India, and China, 34 to BRAC: Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and China, 35 from Latin America to Asia to Africa, they all know and see the battle for the soul of the United States of America. And they know that if the Neo-Cons win, the World will suffer. We have the results of the last eight years of Neo-Con disasters on our hands as proof. The “Other” knows this, and they understand the threat of the Neo-Con plans… and the “Other”, is not sitting still. I’ll elaborate more on the new alliances against the Neo-Cons in part two of this essay series. For the readers of this who are students of fifth generation warfare, or will be students of fifth generation warfare, I urge you to study the Neo-cons closely. Even though the Neo-cons seem to use 5G warfare well, even masterfully in some eyes, there are weaknesses in their methods.

To be continued…

End Notes

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