July 1, 2013

It was fairly amazing in the wake of the initial leaks on NSA surveillance efforts that we saw folks in DC — including many in the press — try to claim that it was (a) no big deal and (b) everyone knew it was going on anyway. Soon after this came out, Steve Worona pointed out that many of the arguments appeared to be the equivalent of alternative pleading, in which people (normally) lawyers try to plead things that are clearly contradictory. In this case, Worona noted the alternative pleading went this way, demonstrating the ridiculousness of the attempted “defense” of the program:

  • There is no massive secret NSA surveillance program.
  • And everyone has known all about it for years; it’s no big deal.
  • And revealing it would be a major threat to national security.

In fact, to this day, we still see plenty of people making these kinds of arguments — a Rep. Mike Rogers’ specialty. However, as we’ve seen, while many people have suspected that this kind of extensive program was going on, they were often mocked or brushed aside as conspiracy theorists. However, as more and more evidence has come out, it’s served to confirm that these programs do exist, that they go beyond what “everyone has known” and that they don’t appear to reveal anything that is a major threat to national security.

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