Reluctantly, the Wichita (Kansas) City Council is in the process of repealing a spate of local gun control ordinances in order to comply with a recently enacted state law nullifying county and city statutes infringing on the right to own, carry, and transport firearms within the Sunflower State.

As reported by the Associated Press:

Among the Wichita ordinances taken off the books are laws requiring private security officers to have gun permits and safety training. A member of the city’s legal department said Wichita would still regulate the private security industry, with background checks and basic education requirements.

The City Council also repealed ordinances on possession of guns, knives and air rifles. Members were told the state still prohibits people from carrying knives with the intent to harm another person, but the city can’t outlaw knives in public buildings.

All such ordinances passed by cities and counties statewide must be removed from the books as mandated by HB 2578, signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback in April 2014.

On April 23, Brownback announced he had the bill which prohibits cities or counties in Kansas from adopting or enforcing “any ordinance, resolution or regulation … governing the purchase, transfer, ownership, storage, carrying or transporting of firearms or ammunition, or any component or combination thereof.”

The law also declares that:

No city or county shall adopt or enforce any ordinance, resolution or regulation relating to the sale of a firearm by an individual, who holds a federal firearms license, that is more restrictive than any ordinance, resolution or regulation relating to the sale of any other commercial good.

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