Travis Crank
July 8, 2012

The Kansas Health Foundation is the latest player in a long-history of attempts to both bribe city leaders and dupe the public into approving the introduction of fluoride chemicals into our public water system; as Wichita is now ranked as the 4th largest city in the nation to have resisted prior efforts up to present-day and with a county population of about a half-million people, the majority of which are concentrated right here in Wichita – we’re a big fish to fry indeed.

And fry, they are. Complete with local media propaganda and a steady stream of endorsements from the local medical community, all in concert and with the crescendo likely to be their presentation of proponent signatures – alongside their listing of endorsements by the local medical tyranny, later this month. Time is short!

This video has been reported by Christopher Power, Vice President of Communications of the Kansas Health Foundation as a copyright violation; because it is a reverse hit-piece on their own propaganda and not in violation of Fair Use under copyright law for criticism, education and news reporting.

Nothing new to info warriors! How do we respond? Readers are encouraged to download the original MP4 here, and upload it to their own YouTube channels. A counter-claim is pending at this time, the Kansas Health Foundation may file suit if desired, and we will certainly invite the public to attend. This video meets the most important requirements to be considered Fair Use; highly critical of the original work (parody), highly transformative, not-for-profit or commercial use and is for the purpose of both news reporting and education.

Even prior to the ‘thumbs down’ assault on our YouTube channel combined with the copyright battle, the Kansas Health Foundation has engaged in legal threats to single-out their most effective opponents. You can read the whole threatening letter as well my response on behalf of all Wichita activists, here. Our organization has conducted over 28,000 warning calls to the public, the audio of which can be heard on our website. The Kansas Health Foundation has illegally ‘spoofed’ the domain names of Wichitans for Pure Water and our own web site with the dot-com counterparts.

Other organizations involved in this latest thrust include the Visioneering Health Alliance, the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and a handful of ‘pseudo-entities’ and web sites created by the Kansas Health Foundation in order to project a wider presence with less support than exists in reality. Our local City Council members were recently interviewed by the local media concerning where they stand on the issue.

Fluoride Free Kansas is an organization formed to create unity among all state opposition groups and to provide a centralized resource of news, articles, videos, reports and studies relevant to the opposition, with an immediate focus on Wichita due to our imminent threat – and destined to lead the charge for eliminating water fluoridation throughout all communities in the state.

Most importantly a place for all state and local city opposition groups to find each other, share information and organize the resistance. We’re pleased to have formed a new alliance with Michael Hicks and associates of Wichitans for Pure Water. And online petition is now available – to be augmented soon with a physical petition drive for Wichita, KS and our surrounding areas. Get on board!

The forced-medication proponents have announced a formal kick-off of their own ballot effort on Thursday, July 12 at 5:30 p.m. at GraceMed Clinic in Wichita. The clinic is located at 1122 N Topeka, Wichita, KS and a protest is scheduled – be there!


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Fluoride Free Kansas and Wichitans for Pure Water conducted their first official meeting on July 2nd, as covered here by KWCH 12 Eyewitness News on July 3rd. And we’re so grateful for the ‘equal time’. It should be noted that KWCH is among three or more local media outlets that have enjoyed the additional revenue from multi-thousand dollar 30-second TV propaganda spots, funded by the Kansas Health Foundation.

Kansas residents please sign the petition that will be presented to city leaders in the coming weeks. Signatories from all other areas are welcomed; petitions from other areas of Kansas will be used to assist those from other areas of the state, in the coming months. Please visit our web site for more information – and support the opposition!

Travis Crank is an activist with

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