In the few seconds of silent video, a white car crosses a walkway just outside the El Dorado furniture store in West Palm Beach just as man appears to run towards it.

On Friday at her home, Tara Poole shook her head as she rewound the footage and played it over and over again. The driver of the white car was her husband, Michael Antonoff. The man at the corner of the screen was a Department of Homeland Security agent, one of two who shot at Antonoff after they say he tried to run them over in a desperate attempt to elude capture from an undercover drug bust.

The newly released surveillance video from outside the store, however, appears to contradict claims the agents made in a now-dropped federal case against Antonoff. And Poole is hoping it will also lead state prosecutors to drop felony drug, fleeing and eluding and resisting arrest charges against her husband.

“Nobody’s story adds up with this video, except for Michael’s,” Poole, who married Antonoff less than a month before he was shot, said Friday. ” To me, it really seems like they went out there that day to slaughter and kill him. And they’re probably kicking themselves in the pants right now that, by the grace of God, he survived.”

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