Craig McMurtrie
ABC Australia
November 30, 2010

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With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight US analysts and politicians are condemning the Pentagon’s management of the Secret Internet Protocol Network. It’s estimated that since 2001 access to Siprnet has ballooned to 2 million users, including military personnel, civil servants and contractors.

One such user was a disillusioned US army intelligence analyst based near Baghdad who liked to download confidential material while pretending to listen to Lady Gaga. Once again suspicion is falling on Private Bradley Manning. He’s now on suicide watch as he awaits a court martial.

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Reacting to the gargantuan WikiLeaks dump of documents, the Pentagon will make it much harder to copy classified material from its computers and will improve monitoring of unusual data access. A new protocol will require two people to transfer material from classified to unclassified systems and the Obama administration is promising a 9/11-type review of intelligence procedures.

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