July 23, 2008

Editor’s note: You will never see the photos below, documenting bizarre torture of a “detainee” (i.e., kidnap victim), published in the “liberal” New York Times or the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post. Thankfully, the Wikileaks website has an “absolutist” stance on free speech, even though a federal judge attempted to shut the site down earlier this year for outing the the Julius Baer Bank for money laundering and tax evasion schemes.


Photo of a detainee held by the United States, with his face wired, lips sewn, red eyes and torso sacked. According to digital camera metadata the image was taken on Feb 9, 2003 03:49:25. The 6 Aug 2004 is also mentioned in relation to this photo. The facial wiring is clearly non-medical. The location of the detainee is unknown, possibly the US Bagram Theater Internment Facility in Afghanistan. Although there is a resemblance to the US Taliban supporter John Walker Lindh, the connection is superficial. The negative image to the right was created by Wikileaks to draw attention to certain regions of the photo on the left. Wikileaks staff have verified that the photograph came from a US military computer network.

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