A 12-year-old Swedish girl was shot dead over the weekend while walking her dog as one criminologist has warned Sweden is becoming like the “Wild West”.

The shooting took place in the municipality of Botkyrka on Sunday night outside of a local McDonald’s restaurant while the 12-year-old victim was walking her dog.

The young girl is thought not to have been the intended target of the shooting, which is believed to be connected to gang violence, but police have been reluctant to share details of the investigation, broadcaster SVT reports.

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“Generally speaking, these types of shootings have links to criminal networks, but we do not go into what it is like in this particular case,” Palle Nilsson, acting deputy regional police chief in Stockholm, said.

Nilsson went on to state that around 30 people in the Stockholm region are behind many of the serious crimes linked to criminal networks in the recent past, saying: “These people are behind a large part of extortion, robbery, drug sales, shootings, explosions, and murders in the region.”

Criminologist Mikael Rying, meanwhile, said that int he last five years at least five innocent bystanders have been killed as a result of gang violence.

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