After the European Parliament passed a resolution Thursday urging states to drop criminal charges against former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and offer him protection, two political parties in Denmark have stepped forward, the Local reported Friday. The left-leaning Alternative and the Red-Green Alliance parties want Denmark’s parliament to vote on offering Snowden asylum.

“Snowden is a democratic hero and it is fantastic that the EU has now gone in front and is holding democracy’s banner high,” said Uffe Elbæk, a member of parliament from the Alternative party. “I would be incredibly proud of Denmark if we were the European country to offer Edward Snowden asylum.”

Elbæk urged Denmark’s parliament to offer Snowden asylum last year. Snowden fled the U.S. in 2013 after leaking documents to journalists that exposed the mass surveillance programs of the NSA. Snowden first headed to Hong Kong before Russian President Vladimir Putin granted him refuge in Russia where he currently resides.

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