Lone Star Watchdog
March 28, 2012

We have been hearing about the controversy of Obama latest executive order for the last couple of weeks. We all know the President has giving himself the authority to confiscate everything in the name of national security. We all know Obama is Wall Street’s bitch. Obama has been aiding and abetting the robber barons looting the nation. Under this executive order singed in the dark of night when we least expected it, that has many people very concerned. Will he use this executive order to pull off the biggest heist of the 21st century?

To speak hypothetically of a possible scenario that I would not put past Obama to try to pull. We can see again that the government is going to run out of money. This time congress is less reluctant to give in to the President’s wishes this time around. The dollar might fully collapse at a time they did not plan for in their timetable. It can be a fabricated crisis. Congress can refuse to raise the debt ceiling this time due to public pressure. Anything the President perceives as a national emergency, or does he need the money to fund the wars. He can enact the powers of these executive orders to go after anything.

We can see a phony crisis being concocted to go after the American’s people gold, maybe even silver. He will order people like back when FDR was President to seize all safety deposit boxes and demand American to turn in their gold and silver coins, jewelry and would not surprise me if that be a couple’s wedding rings now required to be surrendered this time around. This is why people should by safes for their homes and bolt them to the floor and empty their safety deposit boxes over everything.

My solution is empty my safety deposit box; take everything valuable out of the box. Even that classic Barbie doll you might collected.I would buy a cheap can of gold spray paint from the dollar store. I would get a bunch of rocks and spray paint them gold. Then I would fill the safety deposit box with these gold painted rocks. Our valuable stocks, bonds, gold and silver are not safe anymore in a bank’s safety deposit boxes. It safer in a safe in your home next to a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun placed nearby.

The last time the American people’s gold was stolen by the Bankers was back in 1933 through FDR’s executive order to make holding gold illegal. Can this latest executive order be used to loot what is left of the nation? It would not surprise me at all if he did. Obama has stooped to an all time low in so any ways. However, if the government tries to confiscate the gold for the bankers using a phony reason the government needs to stay running or funding for the wars.I know he is going to have a hard going after the guns, he is surely going to have a hard time going after the gold this time around if the people still well armed. Do you agree? Fool America back in 1933, Shame on them, Try to fool us gain with the same scam. I don’t think so.

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