William F. Jasper
February 25, 2014

No tears, apparently, are being shed for Piers Morgan (shown). After three years of his arrogant hectoring, lecturing, preaching, and screeching, CNN finally decided to pull the plug on Piers Morgan Live and let the rude and annoying Brit join the Obama unemployment lines. Even liberals, it seems, are glad to see him go, perceiving that he’s done their causes more harm than good with his obnoxious penchant for insult and sanctimonious posturing.

David Carr at the New York Times remarked, “There have been times when the CNN host Piers Morgan didn’t seem to like America very much — and American audiences have been more than willing to return the favor.” Carr is being overly charitable; it wasn’t merely that “there have been times” that Morgan “didn’t seem to like America very much.” It was pretty much an all-the-time demand by the hypercritical Brit that America be remade according to his “progressive” dictates. Morgan particularly rubbed his American audience the wrong way with his fixations on racism, homosexual rights, and guns. Especially guns. Morgan turned his anti-gun fixation into a crusade, in which he rudely attacked his “guests” in fits of name-calling, saying, for instance, to Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, “You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” It was vintage Piers Morgan.

Well, it backfired. Morgan admitted as much to the Times. “It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” he told Carr. “Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.” Yes, very, very tired, by all indicators.

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