As the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria gains more territory in the Middle East, leading the al-Qaeda group to shorten its name to simply the Islamic State, it is important to look back at 9/11 and its aftermath for the orchestrated events that have led to the ongoing arc of chaos and violence in Iraq, Syria and neighboring countries.

This implosion of the Middle East into a massive region ruled by al-Qaeda was planned by world powers as a way to strip mine the Middle East for its natural resources, particularly oil, because al-Qaeda won’t have as much control over the area as an independent, sovereign state.

And it will ultimately lead to the complete balkanization of the Middle East, giving Western powers better control of the region while also allowing NATO better access to Central Asia, the vulnerable “soft underbelly” of the Russian Federation.

However, in the years since 9/11, the once unknown term “false flag” has emerged into a household phrase as the public increasingly questions the official version of world events promoted by government officials who are not only known liars, but also have the aforementioned motives which are obviously not in the public’s best interests.

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