This week, it was announced that President Obama will be forming a task force to investigate police practices and the relationship that the general population has with police.

Members of the task force will include prior police officers, lawyers, teachers, social workers and other government employees. This in itself shows that the findings of this report will be heavily biased, but some predict that the final outcome of the investigation could be a nationwide centralized police force.

When the government gets involved in an issue like this, even when it is their fault, they will always use the situation to their advantage and attempt to steer the conversion of solutions in a direction which suits them.

In the case of the recent police brutality debate, this has already started to happen. Just last week Al Sharpton wrote a column suggesting that a nationalized police force would be a viable solution to the current problem of police misconduct. These statements echo comments that he has made in public and during demonstrations, although his presence has been largely rejected by protesters.

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