Oversight of the National Security Agency could lose some teeth in 2015 when Republicans take control of the Senate and are faced with how vigorously to push for privacy safeguards during surveillance reform efforts.

While coordinating bills between the House and Senate on certain issues may become easier with both chambers under Republican control, the measures may not get the same edits for privacy concerns that were voiced under a Democratic Senate majority.

The midterm election results will flip Senate committees and the focus of oversight matters to Republicans, and NSA critics lost a key ally on the Senate Intelligence Committee when Republican Rep. Cory Gardner defeated incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall in Colorado.

Gardner has backed privacy and surveillance reform efforts in the past, but Udall and Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., have been the loudest voices on the intelligence committee in calling for privacy and an end to the NSA’s bulk data collection of phone records.

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