That this needs to be said indicates liberals at those companies need a primer on how to understand people who voted for Trump. In fact I know many liberals who are earnest and cannot understand our seething disdain for media.

Imagine if someone Breitbart said this about Obama. Use this as your guiding princople. I know, I know. You are not like Breitbart. You are honest truth tellers! You’re totally not biased at all, unlike “conservative media outlets” and “pro-Trump trolls.” (Isn’t it interesting how you throw those parentheticals in when talking about the Daily Caller, but you won’t call Media Matter’s a Soros-owned website? And you don’t call Huffington Post a liberal media outlet? Also, David Brock literally ran a Super PAC called Correct the Record, which hired trolls. Do you describe David Brock as a pro-Clinton troll?)

This is a thought exercise. Humor us all.

Tonight it was revealed that employees at Buzzfeed, in an official work Slack during work hours, hoped for Donald Trump to be assassinated.

“But they were joking! Like, don’t take it that seriously. They even lol’ed!”

My question to you is — What would the story have been if Breitbart employees had made those comments about Barack Obama? Y’all get mad when we say Barack Hussein Obama, because that’s like totally a dog whistle!

Jokes about murdering Trump are OK, though? Do explain the logic behind that inconsistency.

Here are a few more thought experiments:

What if someone on FoxNews had said, “Hillary Clinton needs to stop using Huma’s p*ssy as a purse!”

You’d let that slide?

Then why can Colbert insult men who engage in intimate contact with one another?

What if Hank Williams Jr. had Tweeted, ‘“Ayo Barack Obama shut your punk a — up talking s — t about my uncle before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

You’d be OK with that?

I didn’t see many Tweets from “verified Twitter” when a failed rapper made rape and death threats against Melania Trump. Where we you?

What if a reporter at Breitbart made a joke about Hank William Jr’s Tweet? You’d let that slide?

Then why did totally-fair-minded-and-objective journalits freak out when the NY Times public editor said that NY Times reporters shouldn’t joke about rape and sex trafficking?

We aren’t going anywhere, so y’all may as well play fair.

Even if you’re a total sh*tbag “hack” journalist like Glenn Thrush, who sent his articles to John Podesta for pre-approval, you may as well get used to us.

We aren’t going anywhere, and we demand fair play.

If you want to avoid a “harassment campaign,” which is what you call the right when we do exactly what the left has done for years, ask yourself a simple question: What if someone Breitbart said this about Obama?

Or don’t.

It doesn’t matter, really. We are on the phones and sending emails and holding our own counter-events.

Conservatives are weak. They’d let liberals spit on them and take the high road.

We are showing up to your events, taking the microphones, and calling Bill Clinton a rapist.

The new right is a totally different movement. We fight the way the left has fought for years.

But if you are a remotely decent person, you’ll want to hold yourself tot he same standards you hold others to.

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