For decades, Russia has been the most wily foe of the US Government. The imperialists in DC have never been able to completely subdue them. Even after the Soviet Union fell, and the Russian Federation emerged to find itself running a backward and destitute nation, Western interests still failed to bring them in line with their world order.

The best they can do is encircle the Russians with missiles and military bases, but at the end of the day, you can’t use brute force to topple a nuclear armed government. On the other hand though, our government may be able bring the Putin regime down from within.

Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars reveals some of the proof that our government, along with several NGO’s, may in fact be working to overthrow Putin with a color revolution.

While we’ll probably never know for sure what is going on behind the scenes unless a real revolution manifests, there is one fact that is undoubtedly true. Despite Russia’s post-Soviet recovery, and despite Putin’s immense popularity, Russia hasn’t been this vulnerable since the 90’s. Their economy has been absolutely wrecked by sanctions, while the ruble is still half of its former value. If their economy continues to crumble, it may bring the Russian people to the brink, which would make their nation ripe for a color revolution. These days, you can never say never.

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