Parkland student and gun-control activist David Hogg posted the names and private emails of Arby’s executives in response to the company’s affiliation with Laura Ingraham’s show.

Ingraham was targeted by Hogg after she tweeted a link criticizing him for “whining” after being rejected by four prestigious colleges.

Hogg has called for a boycott of companies that advertise during Ingraham’s program and many have canceled their ads, but fast food chain Arby’s was specifically targeted.








According to Twitter’s rules, “You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission.”

Will Twitter reprimand Hogg over his now-deleted post or will they allow the establishment poster child to break the rules because he’s not a conservative?

Hogg’s attacks on Ingraham’s sponsors were assisted by George Soros’ Media Matters’ list of the show’s most recent advertisers, which Hogg then tweeted.

Why did Hogg attack Arby’s instead of other companies advertising with Ingraham such as pharmaceutical pushers Bayer, Pfizer, Janssen, and Celgene?

Arby’s has not responded to the attack.

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