Andrew Malcolm
L.A. Times
November 19, 2008

With only 1,448 days left before the 2012 election, you-know-who is making plans to launch another long-shot campaign for the presidency.

So much can happen before Nov. 6, 2012: Hillary Clinton could be on the Supreme Court. Her husband could be getting $400,000 per speech.

There’ll be yet another James Bond actor. Shrek IX will be showing. And Harry Reid will be scowling. Still.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Also, you can bet Rep. Ron Paul will be running for the White House again, probably as a Republican. Not so much to actually win, mind you; RP runs to make a point about less government and foreign intervention.

And anyway by then, at age 77 Paul will be the second oldest guy to launch a losing presidential campaign, behind only Ralph.

Thanks to one of our favorite libertarian writers, David Weigel over at, we get a Ron Paul update and a peek inside the opaque window that is the perpetual Paul campaign. Weigel tells us, via Paul’s grandson-in-law Jesse Benton, that the Texas congressman is pondering another run.

Benton says Paul “would be very likely to run as a Republican,” in large part because the hated media conspiracy that allegedly ignores him so much gives him more exposure as a GOP candidate than as some kind of fringe nutjob.

Of course, Paul’s total $35 million is only about two weeks’ or less take for the ’08 Barack Obama money-printing machine.

But since when have the odds ever deterred Paul?


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