Kelly Heyboer
The Star-Ledger
Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comment: This must mean that we need checkpoints on every street corner manned with TSA goons sticking their hands down our pants. The terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom, therefore we need less freedom to keep us safe from the terrorists.

NEW YORK — Authorities apprehended a man who witnesses say may have pulled a gun out of a backpack as President Barack Obama’s motorcade passed today in New York.

The man, who wore a blue hat, had dark curly hair and appeared to be in his 20s, was wearing a backpack. New York Police Department officers and Secret Service agents shouted, “Get down, get down,” and tackled the man at the corner of Church and Vessey Streets in lower Manhattan.

Obama had just left the World Trade Center site and his motorcade was turning from Vessey Street to Church Street when the incident occurred in front of the Church Street Station Post Office.

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