The History Of The Administration's Lies About WMD
The History Of The Administration's Lies About WMD
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U.S. Finds Nothing at Iraq Chemical Plant (March 25)
Special Search Operations Yield No Banned Weapons (March 29)
Euphrates Chemical Tests Said Negative (April 4)
Britain admits there may be no WMD's in Iraq (April 5)
Financial Times on Fake evidence (April 12th)
Blix: War evidence was faked (April 13th)
'Powell misled UN in his speech on Iraq's WMD' (April 14th)
Tests rule out suspect bio-labs (April 16th),1280,-2576447,00.html
Rumsfeld: Bioweapons May Be Hard to Find (April 17th)
US should be "embarrassed" over failure to find WMDs: ex-spies (April 17th)
Banned weapons: where are they? (April 18th)
Anthrax, Chemicals and Nerve Gas: Who is Lying? (April 20th)
U.S. Comes Up Empty in Iraq Weapons Hunt (April 23rd)
Iraq weapons 'will not be planted' (April 24th)
Bush: Iraq's WMD May Have Been Destroyed (April 24th)
WH Official admits WMD NOT main reason for Iraq war (April 25th)
What, No Smoking Gun? (April 23 - 29)
Intelligence agencies accuse Bush and Blair of distorting and fabricating evidence in rush to war
Suspicious Discovery Apparently Wasn't Chemical Weapons (April 27th)
Anti-war Crowd Demands Proof of WMDs (April 28th)
U.S., U.K. Waged War on Iraq Because of Oil, Blair Adviser Says (May 1st)