Robert LeJeune
WNY Truthers
December 1, 2010

Not only are the major players in the Alternative media under attack, but the small and independent truth sites as well. Websites have been going down a record number of times in the prior week’s as well as YouTube accounts being frozen.

A good example of this is the site, Here we have a small website which has dedicated its forum to the realm of truth and uncovering government crimes against the people. This organization has dedicated itself to bringing eye opening news to the people of the United States.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • {openx:49} was attacked and spoofed a record 17 times in the last few days according to the site administrator Antonio LaRosa. Never before in its history has the site been attacked or experienced this level of technical sophistication when dealing with attacks. Attempts to trace down the source have lead to China based routers, but have been bounced there from an origin in the United States according to Mr. LaRosa. is becoming a player in the truth war by linking to hard hitting and truthful articles from,, as well as original material by individuals such as me, who have a message of freedom and liberty for the people.

Malicious attacks such as the one underway against are a clear indication that there are groups or individuals just as dedicated to suppressing the truth as there are those brining the truth to light. When smaller sites such as start to develop a market share or following, they seem to become the target of attacks.

After an extensive phone interview with Mr. LaRosa, he revealed some very disturbing things he has seen occurring around him and his company. Mr. LaRosa is an 8 yr U.S Army veteran who served with honor in both wars of aggression. He became an activist and truth seeker after being awakened to the horrors and crimes committed by our government. He owns a webhosting service and is an internet provider for a nice section of New York. You could say that after service with the military and his business dealings he is very apt at noticing strange things.

Recently an individual moved into the building where Mr. LaRosa bases his business as well as his residence. Mr. LaRosa was put off by this individual’s extreme outgoingness and dire need to seem to fit in with Mr. LaRosa and those in his building. This individual made claim of being in the military and Mr. LaRosa had this checked out. Needless to say this was a lie. The individual went on to claim employment in a local chemical plant as well as claim to have children who were nonexistent. This man and the person, who claimed to be his wife, did not even seem right together claims Mr. LaRosa. These two individuals went on to establish brief relationships with residence in the building as well as express interest in getting internet service from Mr. LaRosa, but when it came time for installation it was all cancelled . Mr. LaRosa has suspected that this individual may be tied to the U.s Intelligence community.

Further backing up Mr. LaRosa’s claim of intelligence intervention into his site is the fact that Time Warner Cable has traced the I.P of an attack against the website on 11/30/2010 to 302 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46204. When the address is looked up, it turns out to be none other than, State of Indiana: Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center. Now it is possible that this is a spoof, but it is highly unlikely.

One must wonder that if the Government had envisioned sites such as or becoming what they are today, would they not have been conducting the same type of attacks on those sites when they were in their infancy? As the site grows as Infowars has, it becomes just as much a threat!

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Truth must be suppressed by those who fear it. It is the only defense they have against a growing population of awake Americans. Sites like are essential in to the open and free internet to ensure that the news we receive is not cherry picked for us by the Mainstream media, and that alternative opinions to Mass Media spin are available.

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