Midlothian [Texas] police confirm that cameras outside of Creekside Church where fitness instructor Missy Bevers was killed weren’t functioning the day of her death.

Her body was found early Monday morning inside Creekside Church, where she was getting ready to lead a 5 a.m. boot camp class. According to police, Bevers’ killer actually broke into the church before she arrived. Investigators later found broken glass on the floor. The circumstances do not add up, and even authorities are saying that this case is unusual.

In surveillance video, the suspect is seen wandering the halls of the church dressed head-to-toe in police SWAT gear. The suspect could be a man or a woman, officials said. The heavy tactical gear makes it hard to identify the individual. The motive behind the attack remains unclear. Authorities stated that Bevers may have interrupted a burglary. She also advertised the class date, time and location online.

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