A Bay City woman is in hot water for allegedly posting some nasty comments about a former friend on Facebook.

On Monday, Oct. 19, a Bay County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a 45-year-old woman’s harassment complaint. The woman told the deputy a former friend of hers, 35-year-old Rene K. Kolka, was posting derogatory comments on Facebook, court records show.

The complainant provided the deputy with copies of the Facebook posts, court records show. In them, Kolka referred to the other woman as a “slut,” said “We all know her skanky ways,” referred to her as a “skinny tall coke head” and advised others “Don’t catch an STD” from her, court records show. Kolka also posted the woman’s phone number, court records show.

The complainant told police she has since received numerous calls from unknown men inquiring about her, court records show. She went on to say the ordeal was awful, embarrassing and potentially detrimental to her career.

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