A woman who documented the positive effects she experienced after terminating a plant-based diet claims she received death threats from a vegan following a viral post.

Dutch video blogger KasumiKriss, AKA Kristel, uploaded before-and-after photos to Twitter on Sunday showing how ending a vegan lifestyle had positive effects on her skin and emotional outlook.

“3 weeks into eating mainly high quality animal foods (picture taken yesterday). Skin improving, less puffy face. But the best of all, I don’t feel like dying anymore,” Kristel wrote in the viral post, liked over 50.7K times as of writing.

On Monday, Kristel highlighted an angry comment she received on YouTube from a hate-filled vegan, who said they hoped “someone murders” her.

“You are a worthless piece of trash; once you get fat and come down with diabetes and heart related issues what are you going to blame then?” the enraged animal rights activist’s rant began.

“Go f*ck yourself you ugly f*cking cunt. You ARE a murderer and I hope that someone murders you, or at the very least when you keep up your f*ck face diet that you suffer and suffer and suffer, just like the 1000’s of animals that just YOU are personally reasonable [sic] for destroying their families and ultimately killing them,” the deranged commenter stated.

“A well nourished comment,” Kristel quipped. “Vegans are so kind.”

Kristel did not respond to Infowars’ request for comment at time of publication.

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