The woman who harassed and berated an old man in a Palo Alto Starbucks for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat has been fired.

Victor F., a 74-year-old Jewish Trump supporter was confronted by Rebecca Parker Mankey, a leftist with a black mohawk.

“This crazy woman started raving at me,” said Victor, adding that the leftist turned to the rest of the customers at the Starbucks and started yelling that he was a “racist” who “hates brown people,” was “crazy” and a “Nazi”.

The woman left but then came back and tried to rile up the Starbucks customers by yelling about Victor being a racist, but no one was interested.

Mankey immediately posted about the encounter on Facebook, bragging, “I am going to publicly shame him in town and get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in.”

People then began calling Mankey’s employer demanding that she be fired over her behavior.

The owner of the store Mankey worked in, Gryphon Stringed Instruments, then decided to fire her after reading the Facebook posts because her “divisive” behavior was not consistent with the store’s values.

Victor F. said he has received a lot of support from the community and hoped the incident would convince others to wear their MAGA hats in public.

Now Mankey is out of a job because of her stupid outburst. In the words of the fictitious band Steam, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye!”


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