But feminists are more concerned over “masculine” Wikipedia

Paul Joseph Watson
February 4, 2014

Saudi women who get behind the wheel of a car could be charged as terrorists under a draconian new law, but feminists are seemingly more concerned with “fixing” Wikipedia because it is too “masculine.”

Image: Female Saudi driver (YouTube).

“Saudi Arabia put into effect a sweeping new counterterrorism law Sunday that human rights activists say allows the kingdom to prosecute as a terrorist anyone who demands reform, exposes corruption or otherwise engages in dissent,” reports the Associated Press.

The law defines undermining the society’s stability or exposing the state’s “national unity to harm” as a terrorist act, meaning that, “Saudi women who get behind the wheel of a car in violation of the ban on female drivers could be tried under the new anti-terror law.”

The horrific state of women’s rights in the oil rich kingdom is an issue that is habitually ignored by the establishment and the mainstream media, primarily so as not to put at risk the United States’ long-standing alliance with what is widely recognized as a theocratic dictatorship.

The way women are treated as second class citizens in many Muslim countries is also an issue that leftist feminist groups routinely shy away from due to fears that they may be labeled politically incorrect or racist, underscoring how mainstream feminism has little to do with true equal rights for women and everything to do with pursuing collectivist political agendas via cultural marxism.

Cultural marxism contends that predominant, particularly western, cultures are the primary mechanism through which oppression is legitimized. This warped philosophy conveniently absolves the true source of all oppression – the state – and instead heaps the blame onto the middle class, the family, and the free market capitalist system.

While western feminists continue to contrive pointless arguments about “sexism” in western culture that are almost half a century out of date, the feminist movement is virtually AWOL when it comes to voicing fierce criticism of Muslim societies whose treatment of women is at least 200 years behind acceptable modern standards.

Case in point – instead of focusing their efforts on issues like women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, female genital mutilation, horrific stonings in places like Pakistan, or hijabs and burkas, feminist groups at more than a dozen American universities will join forces next week to tackle the frightening threat posed to women’s rights by….wait for it….Wikipedia!

That’s right, the encyclopedia website is so obviously sexist in its content and “masculine” in its appearance that feminists plan a ‘Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon’ during which they will rewrite its information to reflect “feminist thought”.

According to feminists, the obviously vital task of re-writing an open source website must take precedence over the fact that women are being treated as terrorists simply for daring to exercise basic freedoms that should be universal.

The failure of the feminist movement to address genuine and onerous threats to womens’ rights, choosing instead to obsess about supposedly sexist language, depictions of women in movies, or any number of similarly inane non-issues, encapsulates why mainstream feminism is increasingly treated as a laughing stock by anyone but the most zealous liberal.

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