A pre-written press release from the Women’s March called President Trump’s Supreme Court pick an ‘extremist’ before the group even knew who it was.

The poorly-edited press release, which was released with placeholder text still in place for the nominee’s name, was mocked by conservatives on Twitter.

“In response to Donald Trump’s nomination of XX to the Supreme Court of the United States, The Women’s March released the following statement,” the release read.

Additionally, later in the statement the group did name Brett Kavanaugh, albeit misspelled with a C.

The statement was sent out under the headline Women’s March Statement on Trump’s Extremist SCOTUS Pick.

Also, a photo spreading on Twitter showing ‘Stop XX’ signs for each of Trump’s potential Supreme Court picks, apparently so protesters could pull out the right sign immediately after the nominee was announced.

Another leftist group, Democracy For America, also released a poorly-edited press release that referred to Kavanaugh as a ‘she,’ ostensibly because the group expected Trump to pick Amy Coney Barrett.

“DFA will fight Kavanaugh, says she ‘represents a generational assault on justice, freedom, core democratic values,’” DFA stated.

The pre-written materials reveal that liberal advocacy groups were ready to fuel outrage BEFORE Trump even announced his pick; his actual choice wasn’t relevant to them.

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