A China workers’ rights organization, based out of the United States, alleged a worker at a Foxconn factory that manufactures iPhones in the Asian country died by suicide Saturday.

Li Ming, 31, jumped from a building in Zhengzhou in the east-central Chinese Henan province, according to China Labor Watch (CLW). The organization even posted a video, which reportedly showed Li’s corpse lying on the snow and a crowd gathered around it, the Telegraph reported.

CLW spoke to the deceased’s father, who confirmed his death but gave no information regarding what motivated the worker to take his life. Li was working for Foxconn for the past two months and lived in one of the dormitories provided by the company. It was not immediately known whether Li himself was involved in manufacturing iPhones.

The factory, where Li worked, manufactured Apple’s iPhone X — the latest model in its series, which was launched in December 2017. Apparently, almost 50 percent of Apple’s iPhones were manufactured in the factories in Zhengzhou. A reported 350,000 workers work on production lines in the city to make 350 units per minute.

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