A World Bank-funded power plant in India destroyed the lands and livelihoods of hundreds of farmers and fishermen and endangered their families’ health, residents claim in Federal Court.

Lead plaintiff Budha Ismail Jam and three other affected residents sued the International Finance Corp. on behalf of the “impoverished fishing communities and local farmers who have had their way of life fundamentally threatened or destroyed by the Tata Mundra Plant,” in Kutch District, Gujarat, India.

A local trade union representing fisher-workers’ rights and Navinal Panchayat, a village near the plant, are also named as plaintiffs. Navinal village has about 800 homes and 3,000 residents whose livelihoods depend on farming, fishing and animal rearing, according to the complaint.

Before the Tata Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant, a 4,150-megawatt, coal-fired plant, began operating at full capacity in 2013, International Finance Corp. provided a $450 million loan to the project.

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