Special Counsel Robert Mueller is planning to indict Donald Trump Jr. for allgedly lying to the FBI during the many hours of interrogation over the perfectly legal Trump Tower meeting, according to Roger Stone. Trump Jr. may be vulnerable over his sworn, closed-door testimony to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. The public, of course, doesn’t know if the matter he allegedly lied about is even significant or important.

Do not miss Roger Stone’s cutting-edge revelations:

“This is a stacked deck. The entire Mueller probe is an effort to undo the results of the last election.”

“…This is a hijacking of the Justice Department put in place just in case the president fires Sessions AND Rosenstein. He would have to go ‘four deep’ into the Justice Department before he’d find a loyal, acting attorney general.”

“..Moving on a member of the first family may finally give Donald Trump what he needs, the impetus to clean out this entire nest of criminals.”

“The president should never sit down Mueller’s people for a deposition..”

“If the Special Counsel moved on a member of the first family – that it would be the last straw.”

“..It may be the thing that pushes Trump beyond the breaking point.”

“What we have here is a coup d’etat wrapped up in a faux-legality.”

Manafort/Cohen Developments Signals Start of Trump Coup

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