The number of cases of coronavirus infection around the world surpassed 800,000 confirmed cases on Tuesday, according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

At the time of writing the total number of coronavirus cases worldwide stood at 800,049 resulting in some 38,714 deaths.

Of this grim tally, the US accounts for 164,000 cases followed by Italy with 101,739 and Spain with 87,956, marking the three largest and most severe outbreaks within the wider, global pandemic.

Authorities the world over are preaching continued caution, as WHO experts in Asia warn that the pandemic in Asia is “far from over.”

Thankfully, over 170,000 previously infected people have recovered, as authorities scramble to bring the situation under control and intensive care units the world over are stretched to breaking point.

David Icke joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the dangers of shutting down society in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

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