David Ormsby
Huffington Post
June 15, 2012

While Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is basking in the glow of the “professionalism” and “restraint,” demonstrated by his officers during the recent NATO summit, away from the television cameras of the international news media that reputation for “professionalism” and “restraint” is taking a beating.

Last week, the Chicago City Council squeezed taxpayers for $12 million to settle two wrongful arrest lawsuits thanks to police misbehavior, described as “idiotic” by an appellate court, over police mishandling of a March 20, 2003 anti-Iraq War protest.

Chicago is paying $12 million-plus $3.5 million in previous legal costs-to settle the suits, including a federal class-action suit by 900 people arrested during the 2003 protest. All charges against the protesters were dropped.

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