Jeff Dunetz
December 26, 2013

The month of December has been filled with the pseudo-controversy about the pigment of Santa Claus’ skin. Megyn Kelly of Fox News said she was joking when she insisted Santa was white, but that didn’t stop her from being ripped by almost every liberal pundit on the airways. But now, thanks to the WWE the question has been resolved.

On WWE Raw Monday night, a black “good Santa” and a white “bad Santa” fought in a Christmas brawl. “Bad Santa’s trying to ruin Christmas for the entire world,” the announcers said as the white villain pulled the star off the top of the tree to use as a weapon. They warned that “Christmas could be canceled” if the bad white Santa prevailed.

But in the end a massive good black Santa body slam settled the question and helped “save Christmas” once and for all.

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