Rancher Cliven Bundy, who was at the center of an armed showdown with the federal government over cattle grazing fees, has just celebrated the one year anniversary of forcing the federal government to retreat.

The date was marked with a victory party called the “Liberty Celebration” and featured a barbecue with beef from Bundy’s land, patriotic music, cowboy poetry, off-roading and shooting, NPR reported.

“We the people stood with them, and Mr. Bundy got his cows back, and he’s got his ranch, and BLM’s [Bureau of Land Management] gone,” Robert Crooks, founder of the Mountain Minutemen, told NPR. “BLM no longer exists in this section of Nevada.”

According to NPR, the BLM has stopped managing or patrolling the southeastern corner of the state out of concerns for safety. Nevertheless, the standoff triggered what is known as the “sovereign citizen movement” on western lands. One of its objectives is for states and local sheriffs to assume management of federal public lands.

Nearly a dozen legislatures in western states have considered legislation that seeks to transfer ownership of federal lands to the states, NPR said.

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